Well, I'm a sucker for promos such as the dream team collection so I had to try it.

It started on August 30th.  The promo caught my attention so I put $25 on, which converts to about $18 US at this time....I usually just throw on $25 a month and play some games, usually tournaments.  I've had my share of cashouts but nothing in a long time due to me busting every Bank Roll Rule because despite being  a casual player, I am risky at times....

Any way, I put on my deposit and decided how I was going to attack the challenge.  I know I am solid in Sit and goes, my preference being hypers, which would help me accumilate pieces of the puzzle faster.

Cash games were always my weakest (6,9 or even zooms) but probably because I never had the patience to grind .01/.02 and had a hard time getting out of hyper mode or tournament style play. I had a feeling grinding Jacks was going to be the death of me.....

The spin go's,  Aaaaack, need I say more. Everyone knows the varience at the spingoes and you needed to do a lot for puzzle pieces.

In a nut shell, I did not think I would get more than 1 or 2 puzzle pieces before my Bank roll went bust and I would be done for the month except for some free rolls and my big bang coming up.

I started out on sit and goes, only one game at a time and after winning the first 2 games I increased my games to 2 sit and goes.  After completing all the sit and goes, YES!, My $25 (18 US)  made it through all 81 games playing $1.50 SnG. At the end of it all I think I was up to $21 US or something.

Then I started the spin goes....... lost the first 5 or 6 at the $1 level and seen my Bank Roll dropping fast. Well, for me anyway.  I walked away from the comp and went and made a coffee. When I came back I needed to get away from those but did not have much faith in trying to grind JJ in cash games but I did it anyway.

I slow played a couple jacks and lost them but my BR was still actually climbing in .01/.02 zoom.  I changed tactics when I hit JJ just so I could at least get a puzzle piece.  Pretty sure I wasnt the only one shoving all in preflop to get folds to win with JJ for a puzzle piece. After that, they were much easier to get lol. My BR was up and I had gotten all my JJ, 9 of them, so I was done with JJ and had a stack left to buckle up and do the Spin Gones.

After all was said and done, I finished every spin go needed to finish the puzzle and was now left with $8 on my account.

I ended up winning $5     3x and the rest were freeroll entry tickets.  The $5 wins on the puzzle pieces kept me alive allowing me to finish this challenge. 

I discovered I was better at cash games than I remembered so with the remainder $8, I went to bed. 

When I woke it was the 1st of September and I needed to try to generate points to keep my chrome star status.  I started out directly into cash games playing .01/.02 zoom.  Built a nice roll up and started taking chances at higher levels just to see how play style was.  Sooo, I broke the rules of my BR and tried .02/.05 and .05/.10 ... I did alright but lost a couple big stacks and next thing you know, I am down to $2 on the account but for my own sake, had to try it.  Pretty sure if I had the BR, I could handle it sooooo, this comes as a warning!!!!!

With that last $2 I still needed to generate 18 VPP to achieve silver status.  I sat down at .01/.02 zoom and built my roll up a bit, lost a bit, won a bit and achieved my 18 VPP off that $2. I was up to $10 or so and after I achieved my silver, I just went and took my $10 to .05/.10, lost it 2nd hand with QQ, all under cards on board, got buddy all in on river only for him to flipp KK and pop my roll.

Over all, it was a good start and now I realize I am better at cash games than I realized so once I pop a bit more onto the account (I only allow myself 1 deposit a month)  or win some cash in free rolls or Big Bang, WATCH OUT SUPER NOVAS and #FISCHIGESPIELER!!! I'm ZOOMING for YOU!! 

Thx For the Read and Good Luck on the Felts!