CAUTION: May contain Violence and a Bag of Chips were harmed in this production..... 

 This was a few years ago and I recall it quite a bit when people online say, "Typical bad beat", "Rigged B.S", "Of Course", "Give it to the **** cards/player", etc, etc, etc. So many people think the sites are out to get them and don't believe the randomness of the cards. Well, Heres one that happened where I went in with the worst and came out on top in Live League Play.

 I'm driving home from getting a Pizza in town and I decide to take a back route that I rarely used considering I usually took the bridge on the other side of town to go home.  I pass an old bar that I notice had been renovated with a sign out front advertising poker games.  I turn around, park my car and go in.  The dance floor had disappeared with a new wall separating the back half of the bar from the front.  I order a beer and go check it out.  

The first thing I notice is the off track betting. I continue to walk through a door.  A snooker table and a couple pool tables are here and 3 poker tables.  No-one else is in the whole place besides me and the bartender.  I go back and find out info, finish my drink and leave.

I show up at 7 pm on a Tuesday back at the bar.  Theres more people here now.  I join the league, get introduced, yadda, yadda, yadda.  The only poker I had played prior was a couple games at buddies and was only getting back into online poker at that point.  

1st appearance  : There is 23 of us at 3 tables.  I win and gain points for leaderboard.

2nd appearance: There is less people. 2 full tables this time. I take 2nd and gain points for leader board.

3rd Appearance: Three tables again, this time take 3rd.

4th appearance : Found out from someone before the game that some people were unhappy with me joining due to me hurting thier scores and  was advised that a personal bounty was placed on me.  I was not happy with that and it reflected in my play.

This is what happened during my last and final game there.....

I had not been able to play any hands for at least 3-4 rounds due to me not wanting to risk my stacks  because every hand I had gone into was being ridiculously raised or shoved on and I was folding out nice hands preflop because I already knew the people to my left and right were just going to shove on me as they had been.   So, I tightened up hoping they would eliminate each other and what not.  Well..... It was apparent they were working together, like 3 of them at my table.  They would have great cards and slow play, min pots , seemed more like chip passing than anything.  Then it happened....

We were about 30 minutes in and my stack had been dwindling but not all that much yet.  I was on the cut-off with AKo.  The table folded except the bully to my right.  He 4x the blinds.  I called in and the button re-raised. The remainder folder and the original raiser re-raised his buddy.  I just auto-shoved at this point frustrated and was called off by both of them to all ins.

The cards flipped over and well, It looked like I was dead in the water. They had my K's. They had my A's.  It looked like I was toast. 

My       vs            vs      


Well, before the cards came to lay down, buddy with the AA was laughing, saying thats how you play poker, etc, blah, blah. He shut -up on the flop and then said "No way' with a few curse words tossed in.  They laid out something like this.  

   the turn    then the river

I ran out in a A high flush.  Suffice it to say neither one of them were happy and it wasn't my choice to play the cards out to all-ins preflop with as many blinds as I had but I was sick of folding out to them.

Well, then it happened.  Before I could rake in the chips, buddy that had AA loses it and throws his remaining chips all over the table, whipped his bag of chips across it, stands up and smashes his chair onto its back and leaves.  

So the next time someone says "Its rigged", or something to that extent, recall this story.

Random is as random does

Good Luck @ The Felts