I suppose I was introduced to poker when I was in my teens, before the INTERNET came into main stream.  I used to have games in my basement weekly with friends and their guests.  Beer and food were always present and we would be playing Spit in the Ocean, Acey Dudey One Eyed Jack Man with the Axe, Stud, Black jack, and draw games. It was always dealers choice and we always had a good time.  Low stakes were the norm but we did get a couple hundred on the table once in a while. After awhile, things changed.  People moved, jobs, etc and then it was over. 


A few years later when programs such as Napster and ICU invaded peoples social lives I discovered POKERSTARS.  I think it was POKERSTARS first year and I can't remember if it was before they offered real cash money games in December of  2001 or not. I only tried some free games but had too much going on in life at that time and do not think I ever stayed logged on long before I just got up and walked away from the computer.  For 7-8 years after, I don't recall even picking up a deck of cards or trying any online poker sites.

Then one day in 2010 while I was at home and sick from work I jumped online, bored.  I installed some flash games but tired of them quickly and typed "POKER" in my search engine and had a few different sites show up.  Sooo, I installed a few of them to try them out.  

Party Poker, WPT, Full Tilt and Poker Stars were the main ones. I tried some others since such as Titan Poker, Canada Poker, PKR, etc but something kept bringing me back to Pokerstars.  It wasn't the commercials, it wasn't the advertising, it wasn't the leagues or freebies or bonuses.  I think it may have been the ease of registering, speed of tables starting, wide variety of games, checking ticket balances, finding tournies that you were registered in, receiving satelitte tickets creditted instantly instead of waiting 24 hours for a ticket to show up and missing the target tourney. (Happened on multiple sites) and of course. DAD@ This is the best customer support franchise on the market and that goes a long way in my book.

Since then I have discovered many things PokerStars has to offer over every other site which makes it the best hands down.  I'm sure many will agree that the online live training with Xflixx, Gareth, Frosty and the rest of the trainers/pros have either drastically improved your online gaming or at the least, modified your thinking and play styles if you attend. If you don't, I would recommend it and not just for the freebie school tickets. I know other sites offer training, etc but not so much live, interactive experiences at your disposal.  Twitter, Facebook, access to personal training, leagues, free tournies from pokerschool just for getting knowledge and learning. Now theres a bonus.  


See Yas @ The Tables!