Alright, so after posting a few blogs, I thought I would post this up. Its a 9 person SnG where Karma hit me and I was really paying attention to the table. I boomed a few hands during the game and ended up winning it so thought I post em.





         The first big hand I won, I never boomed it. I almost felt bad taking it. Thats when my Karma hit me.

       The big aggressor was playing at 80% and at hand 11 tried to steal my BB with an all-in shove preflop as he was doing to everyone at the table. I was prepared for it and was going to defend my QQ against him no matter what he did. Well, He decided to shove all in as per his usual style. I called his play only to see him flip over KK preflop. The board flopped me a Q and I took it down hitting trips.

                                                          KARMA BABY!!!!

       He was eliminated a few hands thereafter. 


      We got down to 6 people and I was holding 2nd postion for a while. Then this hand came. The short stack came in for a raise and since I was sitting on A8c I called the 3x raise hoping the BB was not going to reraise, preparing to fold depending on the action. Well the BB called in as well so nothing to do now but watch the flop unfold. The suited hearts worried me a lil bit but not enough to shake me at this point. The short stack pushed another 250 in, not enough to shake me yet and the BB folded out. A nice turn smashes and puts a dent onto the tabel when it lands. Now its a matter of grabbing the remainder of the chips. Lucky for me they were an aggressor and kept the current line of action and led into me.

I'm not sure if I had come in over the top after the flop if I would have had them fold, thats why I didn't and let them lead the aggression.


       After some chip movement around the board and 5 of us left I got this hand. JQo in the cut-off. No bets before me, I went for a min steal ing the BB. The player on the button had been aggressive in defending his blinds and I was prepared to fold preflop if they shoved on me. They didn't and I recieved a nice flop. Being first to act, I wanted to see if his aggression to defend would carry on. I quickly checked the flop hoping they were going to bite. They didn't. The turn came down which didn't look of any use. I quickly checked again hoping to draw him out. They did. They rifled out a BB bet in which, after some heitation, I only called hoping he put me on Ax and me fishing.

The flop came down with no improvement and since I was OOP and did not to lose on a chance of value, I shoved. My plays more than likely made no sense to them and they ended up calling me with nothing but an A high. 


        After harrassing and laying so many traps that they needed a mine sweeper to clear the way, I got this hand and they made a bad mistake letting me in for free. No reads on me pre-flop. Very dangerous. The hand wasn't anything to gift wrap wish upon no one else but an opponent, but here it was, I had it. A sweet 2,3 of CLUBS!! A big shove, they would have been folded but as it happens. This turned out. 

2 clubs hit but I still wasnt prepared to put my chips in there fishing it up. My line tends to break a lot. I hesitated then simply checked it by ready to fold them to an all in reshove. Then it happened. They simply checked it again.

The turn was very sweet and dropped me another club. At this point I felt I needed to shove but not all in. They came in over top of me shoving all-in to which I snap called. Imagine my surprise when they flipped over 2 pair that hit on the flop. If they had shoved the flop, again, I would have folded but they gave me freebies. 


In the modified words of Forest Gump, Poker is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get if you let the Big Blind in for free.


NOTE TO SELF : Don't Play a SnG while while flipping back and forth writing blog. Eliminated all silly like....