It's February 1st, 2014. Ive played zoom cash games but never a zoom tourney.

So I tried one. $2.20, 3k chip stack. I also have PT4 turned off for this.

Hand 1  My first opening hand was AQo. in mid position. First to act, then re-raised . I call. Flop was TT6, I small bet 3x, was instantly shoved all in. Folded first hand.

HAND 25  I was up to a modest 3060 chips. Almost every raise at the boards was getting re-raised. Playing real tight to stay out of these situations. 

Hand 31 - KK -.  pot raised to 105, I re-raise to 180 in the cut-off, BB calls in and the Original better 3 bets to 750. I call so does BB. board is 5TA rainbow.BB checks, origonal goes all in go all in, I fold KK, BB calls with A8.   JJ vs A8 flip over. Ace is ahead but loses to J on turn. Trips takes the pot.

Break now, sitting on 2250 chips.

1959 have entered and after 15 minutes of play, we are down to 1575. 252 places paid atm. Entries still coming in.

Hand 40,  KK again. 1 limper before me, I raise to 160, 2 callers come in. Flop is 2,8,9 rainbow. I raise, get shoved all in. 1 folds, I call the shove. He shows Q8o. He has high pair on the flop. Board drops a Q, then a 9. I take the pot with 2 pair over his 2 pair. Close call.

Hand 48, KK yet again. Trips on flop, small bet, opponent folds. Chip stack at 4280.

Hand 66  - AJ on Button,2 limpers, I raise to 200, 1 stays in, flop 3Q9, I bet 160, they fold. Chips at 4870

Hand 74 JJ in LB. 2 limpers. I re-raise to 160. All fold cept origonal limper. Flop is 2,6,T. I bet out 240, get re-raised to 520. I call. Turn is 9. I lead out 960 and get shoved all in. Hard decision but since he limped preflop,I put him on draw possible, possibly high pair or mid pair with an A in hand. I call after almost running out of time. Flips over KK.

Busto in hand 74. Definetly did not put him on high pair for the limp play pre-flop.

Lesson learned. Play a bit tighter around my blind level and pay more attention to my positional play. Maybe not lead out as much when OOP no matter my quality cards until short stacked and all-ins are inevitable.