So I went almost bust for my 25$ deposit in the last week of November.  After giving myself a 3 day break from any poker due to bad beats, my bad calls, not in proper frame of mind and more, I went back with the $4.40 left on my account in a different state of mind. 

I decided to spend the last bit on a hyper turbo. The first game in, I believe I took 2nd, next was 1st, then I kept going. Within a few hours I was playing $1.50 hypers in 4 windows. 

My first slot of 20 games put me into 70th place on the mercury low orbit LB.  I was up on my bankroll and decided to continue on. After 2 days of play I had actually gotten 100 $1.50 hyper turbos in and finished the week off in 67th place on the mercury high orbit and fell back to 150th place on the low orbit.  It was I believe my best placing ever in low orbit and my first time ever trying to get high orbit.. My bankroll was still up after the 100 games and my profit went from $4.40 cents up to $80 after the 100 games.  Currently deciding if I wish to jump to low stakes cash games or run for another 100 hyper turbos.....????

                                                            THANKS GOING OUT TO......!!

I know I can thank  the achievement and wins  towards the live training sessions I have been attending here in PSO and wish to thank not only the trainers but some of the attendees as well for some points they bring up and /or address.  THANKS!

OH! and on a different note, After busting out last month from the premier league in 865th or so and having to do qualifiers again to get back in, I'm happy to say my last two games went well and I went from 1100th to 71st in the premier qualifier league so for Dec I'm back into the premier league!!!!! This time tho, (TIP OF THE WEEK)  I AM NOT going to play when I'm really drunk >.< and you shouldn't either!