During my 3 years of online playing I've had some very unfortunate disconnects which always seemed to occur at the most inconvenient of times. Out of the 6 times I have been in the sunday million, I was disconnected for 2 games for almost the whole tournament and for one I missed the whole thing.  

I was piggybacking off my phones internet when I first started playing at pokerstars. It seemed alright and during the week it worked. It was when I went into my first Sunday Million game that the internet decided to add some variation to my game.  After seeing 2 or 3 hands, the net dropped out on me and I tried everything to get back on. I re-booted my pc, nothing. I rebooted my phone, nothing. I was still getting no internet and my chips were slowly being devoured on the poker table. 

About 20 minutes later, I was still on hold with my service provider trying to find out why my phones internet was not working. I ended being advised there was line work or something going on and it was a known outage in my area. I really didnt believe it since the person I was speaking with did not sound like they knew what they were doing. Now we were going on about 1/2 an hour  from me playing. They kept referring me to go reset the router as well, meanwhile I kept trying to tell them i was not on a router, I was thethering. After 40 minutes, They put me back on hold at which point I hung up on them. I reformatted my phone back to factory spec losing everything I had on there and then BANG!  I had my net back.

I had a couple good pictures on my phone of some games I had played and lots of other photos and music, etc. I had meant to download them to my laptop but never got the chance and now they were gone for good.

After logging back in I still had a couple chips left but not too many. Unfortunately, the episode had put me on tilt and I let it get the best of me. I went out fairly quick after that.  ALAS, it happened again, multiple times. It got to a point where there was no use of playing hands unless I went all-in. Soooo many countless times I would call or raise, just to wait , and wait, and wait. Here I was thinking they were taking thier time then the dreaded internet connection bar would start going across my screen and my chips were gone when I reconnected.

I now have a much better internet because I now have a different provider and can stay connected good enough to participate in the live video training and the PSO courses. I'm also not tethering with my cell as well. 

The next time you see someone disconnected chances are they may go on tilt if its happening a lot. Keep that in mind for sizing up your opponents and beware of the all-ins due to bad net connections.


PS- Your service providers do not give you a refund on your buy-ins no matter how much you ask.