what can i say? i tried getting up there but there was a roadblock. me! lol!
nah, actually for "newbie" of only 2 month, tho i registered waaay earlier than that, i did alright. my game is going alright, could be better, but hey, still kinda getting hang of things around here.
was a bit disappointing to drop after i had a very strong start. next month i must say i need to get myself a schedule for myself.
how many games to play, what time of day etc etc etc. i think that had some influence on my ranking . need to make a schedule. and once again, i need to enforce my own rules a bit more. what the hell was i thinking? in some of the games, i may have as well changed my name to donkey. and peeps, those who know me anyway, know that i dont throw that word around at all. so, again, if u have rules, for heavens sake stick to them. period. sheeesh!
well, looking forward to febuary, i think, i think, maybe this time i can keep myself afloat a bit better??!? :-P

i hope to meet much more ppl here, i met some interesting characters (meant in a good way :-D i swears!&nbsp:wink: in the last few days, and am glad that i have :-D u know who u are ,,,, muah,,,, and ty for taking the time with me too :-D and those who are existing friends ,,,, muah,,,, ty for everything, u guys rock.

anyway , u all have a great day/evening. go kill those cards :-D that's an order :-D lol! 
have fun guys and gals!!! see you again soon.