If you ever sat at a table where there is this one person, who wants u to think, that they are loose and stupid.
dont fall for that trap... this more reason to tighten up ur game. be patient and wait for your hand. though it may not work, cuz they will just about call with anything (last night,,, it was 72 74 96 against AA or other premium hands...etc) and most of the time that person will win. u may call it donking, but as of late i see a pattern emerging.
if i am correct, they play like they are amateur players would , or a donk, and there lies the deception.
last night i was watching in a couple of games how ppl made out like bandits. or just getting plain lucky. the thought behind this is that if u go high road, they will go the low to pass u.
ppl,it only can last for so long. for short term this method may work but, as mentioned by others before, ur table image is very important, and that could make switching gears a bit more tough. of course some ppl have that down pat, therefore making them very dangerous to play against.
keep reminding urself, play patient and fierce once u do have the hand and the said player is in. make sure u have the absolute nuts, cuz there is always a danger for them to "donk" out on u.
sure u might say  i know how to handle a person like that,,,, know this,,,,, they know how to handle u too.

this is all i have for today.... and i would love it if u commented. :-D have a great day on the felt and hope to see u there :-D take care of your game now, ya hear :-P LOL!! :-D