well. hmm, thinking back the past 15 days, i think pretty good. tried to work on some new stuff and enforce some rules (which i really didnt do so well, explanation will follow)
got to meet some awesome peeps in the process. :-D love it. almost seems like we are a real circuit of our own here.
my finishes are getting better and better, except for the small period of brain constipation, had to fart them out i guess lmao!!! gross!!
i one of my replies to someone, i once said if u lost 2 in a row, quit! just quit for the day!
unfortunatly, i can tell you who didnt listen to that advise..... me.
uuugghhh, now i have to make up for what i lost now by placing good into the pts and in the money of course :-D instead of me going higher, wasted some time having to do this. hmm...
hope to work on that rule a bit more if i have to, discipline myself better. i thought i was alright regarding that, but i guess this is proof of how wrong that was to assume. climbing the latter is a bit tough but not impossible. making the right choices for ur games is important.
i dont know about u all... but i think, i made some of my goals this month already. placing high, keeping up with my improvements im my game, read as much as i can--> that still needs work :-D
well anyway folks, i am ready to tackle mid month. gl to all ty for reading this :-D