i am happy to say that i finally made the final table at PSO game :-D yay!! finished 8th tho. it was an awesome game today. table and the ppl today were awesome too. friendly and funny. yea, fuzzball, i know u know i am talking about u LOL!!!
also, i broke my 1525 mark after having such a bad go on this month, but still to the end i wont quit. got 3 more days to do something with myself.
i put those goals in front of me and went for it. it was an up/down struggle, but in the end, the more i learned the better it got. sure sometimes what i learned went out flying LOL but yet i still made it.
i am happy for now. just wanted to share this :-D
and for those who know me a bit better,  what do u think guys.... did i put myself to work or what??!!?? :-D
muah, ty for the help!!

EDIT: i also had some pretty sick sick hands, of course one of them was when i got dealt AA
didnt raise because i was hoping to trap the guy left of me. i was on the button. of course he raised and i called, flop KQ rag  turn A river 7   he went all in and i called him after the turn hit. guess what he had in his hand     J 10       AAARRGGHH!!!    and before that i survived a sick all in on my part hitting a set on the river with sixes  UUGGGHHH  that was ugly :-D but the show never seemed to stop, made some good reads and calls as well :-D