weelll, on the tables, i thinks i got my little nook now, all i have to do is work on it some more so i get even better then i was about 3 wks ago. have gotten better  in the past 3 wks. lucky me i had some good guidance as well. today will be a very trying day for me. cuz i got stuff on my mind which i rather make away with and be able to focus, not gonna happen lol!
  so, gl to the ones who are out there playing hard and heavy, may the pokergods smile upon ur hand :-D
me? i hope this stuff is gonna blow over fast, hate feeling like this...not a very happy camper at all here. i know things will get better, but i rather would like me not having to deal with things which i really didnt bring upon myself.
again folks, i make this statement to show, what i mean in an earlier post i made. and yes, sticking to it too.
this would be the worst time for me, or anyone who has a load of doo doo to deal with for the day, to play, you cannot honestly say, that u can make good calls at a table, when in the background ur totally distracted. and whoever says they can, u better be a pro already and get off my blog, LOLz, i am sticking to what i know, and would like others to know as well. and like with any sport, u need discipline, which i need great work on too. what i have is not nearly enough to make a dent, or so i think till proven otherwise :-D
anyway, u all have a good one, thanks for reading. hope to make some wheels turn for someone anyway.