Hello, welcome to this blog, where I try to keep you all updated about my progress on my road to the top 2k ranking at the end of the month. 



October is the first month I have seriously tried to get a nice ranking on the league. But October started not very good for me. The first 10 games I finished around an average of 3-3,5k. Which is not too shabby (for a casual player), but certainly it is not good enough to reach that 2k league ranking. 

Then, midway October, I played the best Open Skill League tournament of my "carrier" so far. 

I ended the tournament in the 24th place of the 9188 people who entered this tournament (WOW!)

Pre tournament my league rank was 36568, with a score of 1491.54 points. After the tournament, my score raised to a whopping 1579.11 and I am currently ranked 7179.


I will show you some of my better hands. (Feedback is always welcome!)

First I got this juicy pocket rocket, and the draws are unreal.

Knowing their was a huge possibility my enemies held an Ace, I knew I needed to hit an 10 or an J to win, but since their bet was not that high, I might aswell take my chance:

Then, for the first time ever, I hit the 6-digit number, I was obviously very happy with this: 

At one point, I even had over 400k (woah!)

I ended up losing 2 pair against a straight on the turn for a pot over 750k. Nonetheless this was absolutely my best performance on the poker stage. 


This was the longest tournament I have ever played. (4 hours and 3 minutes). I have never expected to come this far in a tournament. I am thinking about streaming the OSL on Twitch. But that is still not a sure thing. 


I'll try to update this blog as often as I can. 

Thanks for reading this blog and byeee!