So many things have happened in these last 2 weeks !!!

I managed to move up to the 15's still not winning there but running super bad and I am sure I can crush them pretty hard as long as I don't enter reg wars wich I tend to do when a bit tilted  

On the other hand I made 2 nice scores in mtt's the first is I managed to finish 6th out of 4000 in a 5.5$ hyper for 400+$ and just now I managed to finish 2nd in one of the hyper tournaments hu 10.2$ for a profit of 870$ wich boosted my bankroll to 2.5k right now :=) 

So I am obv rolled for the 30's but don't feel like I earned my way up and waiting to move up only when i'll crush the 15's and stop running bad

So where am at since the beginning of the challenge :

-fpp's 9k

-vpp's 5k (far behind pace but obv when i'll move up vpp's will grow much faster) 

-moved from 7's to 15's in 2 weeks 

-bankroll went from 500$->2373$ for a month profit of 1873$ + rackeback +/- 200$ 

-got Goldstar by the 23rd of the month

-got a 50$ bonus from PSO ( i am ranked 67 atm ) 

And my goals for march :

- play at least 6k sng's hu hyper

- get platinum star 

-hopefully move to the 30's if not try and crush the 15's with Roi > 2.5%

-make top 10 of the PSO for the month 


I wish u gl at the tables will try and post more often !