So I should also introduce myself more properly I guess : 

my name is Rami, I am a 25 years old egyptian living in switzerland . I started playing poker in 2007 where I lost quiet a bit of $, then found some easy Home Games where I made the $ back  

In 2009 I started winning some $ in both online and live mtt's that covered my university expenses in France and it was like that untill 2011 when I graduated and mooved to switzerland, at the time I was playing mainly on french site, where let's say it the field is weaker. 

Since last year I had trouble getting back to the toughest field on, got some coaching and deposited 150$ to start grind the hypers starting at the lowest available amount wich is the 1.5! 

It took me some time going from the 1.5 to the 3.5 but I made it and then it took me 2 more months to get the 7's where I am right now!!! I am studying a lot the game and I hope I can crush the 7's asap!!!! 

gl at the tables !!!