Today was a good day in my poker beginnings. I cashed twice and have realised that playing sit and go's are much more profitable (and alot easier) then MTT's.

However I started the day with PLOH, 5,10 I bought in for 5 and just wanted a pop at it. Neadless to say I got myself in trouble early on. I flopped trip 6's with 6A## (cant remember) and a 686 board. So a loose player raised with a 2.34 stack and we kept raising until he was all in. he howed 97 and neadless to say turned the straight. No fullhouse came for me so that was a bit of a loss. I cut my losses and ran. (I don't know if that was the best thing to do but hey I wanted to try comment if you think otherwise)

Then I decided to play the big $5.50 (My Ususal) to see if I could do any better. To begin with I had a nice little stack getting it up to about 6000 doubling my starting stack and then things went downhill I had the chip leader of the tournament get placed directly on my left. This was not good. Also he ran like God. If you called he raised. If I raised he re-raised 4x. It was standard play for someone that loose. But his luck was one where it didnt run out. We got down to the last 1500 player I was stuck on 4k and I decided to just make the money which was 630th place. This took alot of pacience so I decided to try a sit and go.

I have played them on Zynga in the past and they were all right but I never really got into them. I decided to play a 3.50$ buy in to see how my luck would run. As it would have it I was leader for a very long time in the tournament and got to the final table with ease. Until I had pocket 7's and raised half of everyones stack(about) and got raised for 3/4 of my stack which had the other guy all in. I decided to call being pot committed and the guy had AK and he rivered a straight. I made 6th and made 8$.

Meanwhile on the other MTT I made 8$ also by sucking out to the cash!

Well if you have any comment Leave them!

Happy Pokering!