So today I decided to play some more MTT after making about 5$ on a cash table yesterday and 10$ on the Daily $5.50. I played the Facebook league which I will say is an absolute joke but I will talk about it anyway.

It gets folded to me I have bullets we are down to the last 750 or so of the tournament and I decide it's time to make a move. A very loose customer raises Half my stack, naturally its all in. He has about 5x my stack so he instacalls. Naturally he has K9 off and I have AA

4,5,9 Rianbow
2 Turn
9 on the river

This was I fult really unlucky but naturally I had to shove it in. (If you feel any different message me I love getting an ear bashing on how bad my plays are.)

The one I was annoyed about was my run in the Daily $5.50 i came 1,200th.
The depth of my run didnt annoy me it was the way I went out.
The blinds were at 300/600 with a 30 ante (I think). Anyhow, I Had K,10 suited. Again a loose player (that was running like god) he had a stack of 16,000 ,raised before me when I was on the button. So I called.
The flop came K,10, 9 Two hearts
Myself I thought well I have top 2 pair and I should play like I have the best hand against this guy. (admitedly I thought he would rearly have the flush, but well you will see) He raises 1,000 so I reraised to 3,000 and he called. I decided that at this point he has maybe something like top pair or a straight/flush draw.

The turn saw, a 5 of Hearts.

I naturally think well If i havent put him on the flush I would call whatever since 1/4 of my stack was in the pot. So he raises to 2,000 I call.

Turn came Q of Clubs.

He tanks all of his time and shoves, I make the decision he is throwing me off (WRONG!) Naturally he has AQ of hearts.

Oh well another lesson learnt. :p

Happy Poker!