Just a few thoughts on the middle stages of the PSO tournaments.
If I get a good start and have say 6-8000 chips I seem to sit at this level of chips getting hands in 
Category 5  or below.
When I do get a hand above that either everyone folds to my min raise or it gets folded round to my BB and i pick up the minimum.
Now I'm not complaining about this as that's just how it goes but what I see others playing just has my jaw on the desk, usually big stacks playing 9 4 off,  you know the type.
What I wonder is how they got the chips in the first place playing hands like that.
Ok they may be super aggressive and get conservative players like myself to fold.
So I sit there waiting for a decent hand and if I'm lucky they will be in the hand with me and i get to reraise them after they put in their usual raise and I creep up in chips enough to wait for another good hand.
But it is just that creeping up in chips while they go rocketing up, yes they do sometimes come crashing down but i spose thats where the leage comes in to it and consistency will pay off in the long run.