Hello from New York, I have not played poker long, I have been on and off with online poker for couple of years but would only get into it for like 2 weeks or so then take like 7months break and play again ect. I would only play free rolls and mess around in play chip Sit N' Go's considering I started doing that before I was 18 and did not want to get in to gambling yet. A while after I turned 18 I decided to put $10 into PS and wound up placing a couple of micro Sit N' Go's but was no where experienced enough to even doing that let alone the proper bank roll. I wound up going on tilt I guess and just blew out in ring games. I decided not to put anymore money in. Upon getting bank into online poker and discovering PSO (which was like 2 days ago) I have decided I want to take it more seriously and learn whatever it is I can. I did not want to deposit money due to the hassle of being an American..... So finding out about PSO's I found my chance to turn nothing in to something. Yesterday I did my first PSO free rolls (6/23/2010) The first one I bombed out at like 700th or so. The remaining 3 I had left I was able to place "in the money" in each of them leaving my with around $0.85 enough for me to start playing in ring games, I am now up to $2.00 My goal for the end of July as low as it may be I want to build my bankroll up to $20 (of course with the probability of going higher) staying with the $0.01/$0.02 ring games and PSO free rolls. Anyway, I will see how it goes from here and keep an update throughout the month.