Hi Everyone!

I write for WBCOOP contest. In start i want to say, i am not very big blog writer and i am sorry if i make some mistakes in English language because it is not my mother language. In this contest i need to write about my best moment while playing on PokerStars. In pokerstars i am playing little bit more than half year, that way my results is not very impressive. Before that i play poker only for fun and i was know only card combinations. But this little bit more than half year i learning more seriously in pokerstars. And now i will tell you about my best moment in this time.

Actually in this time i do not have been very many lucky moments. But one i can remember very clear. It was before christmas. My bankroll was only 240$ but like a young player i play stupid sng 15$ tournament. For me it was very lucky, in start i play very simply but when i get some chips then in write moments i get also good cards what very help me. That like playing i was in final table what was actually cool for me because it not happens very often. It was very good result already. But i need continue playing and of course i also wanted the first place. I think i was with average stack starting final table. When 6 players was left in final then was starting happen very interesting things. From i starting play on pokerstars i have not been so good cards in so short time what was actually awesome. I was make a screen shot whit my hand history and now i will tell you about my cards. In 20 hands i get - 3 times KK, 2 times JJ, 1 time AA,44,KcAh and JhQh. This was absolutely big luck. This cards was very help me in remaining time because when i play some many hands some guys thinking i am blefing or stealing blinds and it help me to get more and more chips. With that luck i was very big chip leader in heads up and the win was only time question i think and i won the biggest tournament in my poker career. The first place prize was 743$ what makes my bankroll bigger. Whith this bankroll i can play more carefully in following time. It helps me very much to make my results better and i feel safe whith that bankroll. In that day i was so happy i thinking it is my best day in my life.

I am very proud with myself because this moment i was waiting very long time with hard job. This banroll what i get in this tournament helps me to build it bigger thats way it was very important tournament for me. In following time i hope i will win another tournaments. I want to say thank you all for reading, i hope you was interesting read about my best moment while i am playing in pokerstars and we will meeting at tables.

Thank you!