Hay, i am from latvia and my name is Janis!

I wached video abou heads up game whith live training by HoRRoR77. He played 15$ heads up game.  This video was very interesting because HoRRoR  was all saying, what we can do, what we need do.

For me heads up is important thing because i not play very good it, but after this video my skills improves. Many times in final tables i have problems whitch that. Also i play only heads up but i was lose many times. Thats way i am loking for i video and this was good for me.

I understand when i can't blef, how many chips i need to put on table, but the main thing was post flop play. I need to read oponent how good are he and then need create my card range. If oponent is passive my range is short but when active it is larger. Also thing what help me was when i am lead at the table what i need then play, because it was my problem, but after this video i know how to do this thing.

For me this video was very good, because i now play better and i also now now things about heads up. Very big thanks for HoRRoR77.


(sorry for my english skills)