Played my second league match at 2pm. I reached position 1190  which is a good result but I am still waiting for my ranking to be updated. Yesterday I reached about position 2900 which gave me 1 point so I was at 1501 points before todays game. The main taget of this month is to remove the negative results and just have positive finishes. This means playing TIGHT! So far s good.


Update: Rank now 4755 up 4472 places.  Score 1530. Plenty to do.


I also played in a 45 strong 23c MTT this morning and finished about 17th. In the afternoon I played another 45 strong MTT but went out in position 27th with an all in with AA and was beaten by a straight.


a freeroll and with a field of 25000? I went out in 841st  place when I  had 10+BB  but I had played pretty tight and well up to then, I think! I got KQo to the flop but was raised. I called all in.