The Open League starts up for November today. I've already missed the first match but will be aiming for the 2pm and a later one if possible. So the prime approach this month is no negatice finishes. So this means uber tight play. It is possible to play a bit looser at the start of the month as an early eit doesn't cost as much. I need to aim for at least the same level as last month - 604th place.

I have been playing some 25c 45 people mini MTT's. Got third place on Friday having been chip leader 3 up at one point. Not very pleased to have squandered a huge chip lead but I guess its one to put down to experience. I also played in a freeroll Single Table for entry to the Micro Million satellite and came first. However I havent made use of my ticket as it is $3 rebuy unlimited and I don't want to spend the cash.


I have been watching the EPT Barcelona videos on you tube which have been very interesting.