My current rank is 620th with a score of 2116. My results this week have been generally good with only a couple of poor finishes. Over the month I have played in 50 tournaments and scored negative ponts in 15 of them so there is obvioulsly room for improvement. These negative scores totaled over 120 points.


I analysed my results for the month to date yesterday evening and looked at the cards I had played...

My worst exit was in 7356th place with AA having gone all in. I had another exit playing AA but this left me in 3384th place.

KK has accounted for a number of early exits, 7149th place on the 18/10 played from early position and 2162nd place on the 21/10. KK has also attributed to some early finishes 2575th on 19/10.

Other hands that have contributed to an early exit have been AQo, TT, 77, 55,88,  99, QQ, AKo, AJo, KQo,  

As the above shows I have not been following the advice in the forum strictly and only betting AA and maybe AK. Yestreday I re calculated my blind burn off levels to find I had miscalculated and the starting chips should see me through to Level 8 (-15) if I do not bet. I am then limited to only winning when I am in the BB and everyone folds. I have posted a query in the forum in respect of this and am waiting for a reply.

A very usefull post gives the level you have to reach within  various point ranges to be in positive points. I have tried to use this this morning so we will see if ithelps.