First post since Monday. Tuesday I played pretty well and reached a position of 961st.



Yesterday however was not good. The 10.00 am tournament saw me going out in 2048th place which wasn't good, it cose me -4.18 pts and a drop of 43 places. However the 2pm tournament was a lot worse going out in 4921st place for a score of -13.7. This was because I called an all in bet with 3 5's and was beaten by a river flush.

This week I have not been following the advice on the forum of sticking to AA and KK until I am in the points. I have played tight but I have played some speculative hands. I think my hands were slightly better monday and tuesday. Anyway today I decided that I would  play it by the book so I did not bet for the whole tournament this morning and went out in 1578th place which I hope will be good enough to put me in the points. I think I was quite lucky with some of the table switches which delayed my blind payments a small aount. I also delayed my folding of every hand to delay my depletion. It seemed to work.


My main issue with the advice is that you will be blinded off  in Level 7 somewhere. It depends on whether you have favourable table switches or not. I am not absolutely sure I am getting the right results from the software that lists the positions and points and this doesn't help. I am not convinced that betting only AA and KK is adequate to improve substantially beyound Level 7.

I played the afternoon tournament and had to go all in with KQo from early. Got KK and which boosted me. I then had to sit out as I was busy but I eventually blinded off in 1392nd place which was fine.

Results for day

10.00 am 1578th place 9.66 pts.

2.00 pm 1392nd place 16.14pts.

Rank this morning 1188 which is 30 lower than on Monday!