Started this morning at League rank:   1153 · Score:   1781. I only managed to play one game yesterday and scored 23 points in it but I think my rank went up overall.



This morning I played the 10.00 am game. At the break I had over 5000 chips and was sitting around 800th in a remaining field of 1800. I was feeling confident of a placing in the top 1000. 

Unfortunately after the break I hit two pairs on the flop and checked through to the river but then open raised for 1500 and was immediately reraised by both opponents. I was stupid and went all in. I should not have called and should not have bet the flop. A big mistake and I crashed out in 1454th place. I will stll be in the points. I played quite well and I had good cards but I wish I'd been a bit more sensible. I was up against two of the tables chip leaders and I was already thinking they are good!.


Just finished the 2.00pm tournament. Went out just after the break in 1851st place going all in from BB with AQo. Bit annoyed as I couold haave survived about another 15 hands but I played quite well given my hands were poorer than this morning and I had to go all in 2 or 3 times in the run up to the break.