I can't believe it - out again this time another poor finish 4738th place. All in to someone who hit a flush.



I am not playing well. I am playing a tight selection of hands though I have loosened up from the last couple of days when I was folding hands I should have bet or raised. However I am still calling all in bets on dangerous coordinated boards. All I can do is get a grip on myself.

I have to make position 2100 ish to make any points. I can do this just about, on the money I start with providing i sit out. This is what I was trying to do Sunday and Monday but it led to the folding of some very good hands and it doesn't seem right to sit out the whole game.

After this mornings result I did some more reading on the forum about playing in the open league. One particular thread I read advocated virtually the strategy I have been using over the weekend, that of not betting and allowing yourself to be bleeded off until you had reached a position that would give you positive points. Someone has even written a little program to let you know from a given position whether you are in positive points. It also recommended not betting anything other than KK and AA until you reach this stage. Anyway I adapted this strategy and sat out the first two blind levels. I came back in the third and when in the BB was able to win a hand with no risk. I won another hand later on and ... i will need to look at the results to reming myself but anyway I survived to 613th place Level 13 which is brilliant. 

These results have not been applied to my ranking so at present I am at rank3550 with 1585 pts.