Today is Thursday and the League has started again after a two day break. I have played in two tournaments, the 10 am and 2 pm ones. The first I finished in 3752nd place which was very dissapointing and the one this afternoon I reached a position of 592nd which is a lot better. In both tournaments I went out to a poor hand bet from the BB and both should have been folded. I hope there is a lesson to learn in this and that I remember next time!



The second tournament I was much happier with my play and had played tight but still won a few hands and was progressing well. This morning I found it very difficult playing as I was switched to another table after only about 10 hands and I had someone to my left who was putting out big raises and I failed to get into any rhythm and in the end went out to him playing poorly through frustration as much as anything. I hope I will have gone up the table as a result of the second tournament. The results are in for the first one and I am down at 3718 in the ranking with a score of 1498 points. 

I have just checked and the first tournament only cost me 1.81 points which is a lot better than what I feared. The main thing I managed which is crucial is not to go out in the first 5000  if possible. There is really very little need to risk anything in the first two levels. Nearly half the field has gone by the start of the third level so you may as well either sit out or only enter the pot with A or B hands.