As of 8.30 this morning I was Rank 1033 a drop down from 1204 overnight. My points remained at 1937.

By 1.30pm my League rank had dropped further to 1043rd place. Score remains at 1937.

I played the 10.00 am tournament and finished in 1209th place which i am pleased with. My range of starting hands was low as follows...

Group Category No. Of Hands

A                                  0

B                                 1

C                                 0

D                                 1

E                                  1

F                                   6

G                                  0

H                                  3

Of the 78 hands dealt only 15% had a group. I made not one Raise in the whole game.

I will try and do a similar analyis on some of my other tournaments for comparison.

It is likely that I will miss all matches tomorrow and thursday so I want to do as well as possible although I have set myself the target of being 1000th place or less by the end of month which should be achievable. Had I not had to miss the next two days I would have aimed for a top 500 position.

Update: 14:30 out of 2pm match in 5715th place. Played 19 hands bet two and went out. The two hands I played I played badly. The first I had QQ and I got of with a loss of a few hundred chips. The last hand I had ATo in the BB. I was wondering whether to play it as I was raised but I called. Hit an Ace on the flop which was my downfall, I couldnt let the hand go and didn't protect my hand against the straight that was waiting to be drawn to. What a dissapointment. I really am dangerous once I start betting but unfortunately to my own stack! Now trying to formulate a plan for playing again today to make up the lost ground. Urgh!

4.20pm New Rnk achieved 984th. Points 1954. However it will be back below 1000 by this evening once the last results are posted. So I have made the last  1000 albeit temoporaily!