Following on from yesterdays failure to not go out early in both tournaments I thought I'd adopt a different approach.



As of this morning I have 1817.55 points and am down to Rank 1722 from Rank 1440 last night, this is the effect of 3 more tournaments having been played which I did not enter.

I spent some time yesterday creating a spreadsheet of the levels of the tournament showing how the increasing blinds and antes bleeded off my starting chips. Due to a couple of errors I have only just got this correct. However by today I decided to adopt a strategy of no bets whatsoever and see how far I could get. The most I would allow myself to do was to Check when I was in the BB but that was all. 

NB I have just noticed that I have calculated blind burn off based on 10 players per table whereas there are 9 so my spreadsheet needs adjusting. As it is it is overestimating the price of antes.

I finished the 2pm tournament about an hour ago reaching 1135th place. I had hoped to make the top 1000 but due to the discrepancies in my spreadsheet I was blinded off more quickly than anticipated. However I should still be in the points and I will see later by how many. In this particular game I won over $200 play dollars by checking in the BB. I was able to last into Level 9. I benefitted today from the reshuffling across tables that happens as people are moved around so I only paid 7BB rather for 55 hands.


The reason fo experimenting with this is because I was fed up of my lack of consistency and inability to stop going out early. Having failed in the use of my own discipline i thought I would use this to see if it would give me something solid to adhere to. What will be interesting when I have two results of playing this way will be to compare the combined results against the average of any of the previous days results I have played recently. I will then know  for the purposes of progressing in the league which method is better. It should be noted that the method I have devised could be run by a computer, there are no decisions to make.

Thinking on from this it is likely that I want a method in between the two. If this is the case I will try and firm up my own post flop play. I am particularly concerned that I still don't fold quickly enough post flop. I think I play generally tight with my starting hand  selection so my cards are of good quality going to the flop. I also think that my league position and trying to make the bubble everytime is having an effect on my post flop play. We will see.

It is effectively an uber cautious way to play and the antithesis to Nick Weatheralls Agressive Maniac training idea.