This is the third time I posted this!


Ok I played two matches today with the intent of finishing both in the places i.e. 1440th or better.

The 10.00am game I did fine lasting one and a half hours into Level 10. Not sure what position. I played very cautiously except for one bet earlier on that put me all in.

Update: I am rank 1440 or therabouts having finished in 884th place and I moved 250 places up. My points are currenty 1832 as they don't include the last tournament results  which will be negative.


In the 2.00am tournament I crashed out in the 2nd level in position 5404th going all in and being outdrawn with a 5 outs to 46 draw. But I still went all in and I didn't follow my own advice so I cant really complain.