Have just played my 10.00 am tournament. Didn't get as far as the 4th level. I crashed out with AK having hit an Ace on the flop I was put all in in and stupidly called and lost.



I have been rereading the posts I have made of some of my hand histories. Here was some advice I had last week following a similar experience...

"When someone shoves to put me all in, with this being a league game, I need to muck. I do not have a made hand and in these games, I only want to be all-in if I know that I will have the best hand after all 5 cards are on the board. I do NOT want to take chances. I have one and only one goal in these and that is to last as long as possible and to not take any early exits. Lasting longer (even if it's just one placing) gets me more and more league points for the end of the month leaderboard... so due to this, I do not want to take a chance at all as the chips that I'd possibly gain will never outweigh the points for the leaderboard prizes at the end of the month."

What makes this worse is I know this and I had been playing tightly and caustiously up till then. But along comes one hand and I forget and in a rush of blood charge in.  I will update yesterdays post with a suitably abridged piece of advice!