I've played two Poker School Online tournaments so far today. The results are not yet in.

In the 10.00 am game this morning I finished in 1196th position, not quite in the final 10,000 but better than either of my finishes yesterday. I played very carefully as my cards were generally poor thought I've yet to classify them.

I have just finished the 2.00pm tournament going out in 3771 st place with AA running into QJ which paired the flop. 

I have been reviewing my strategy, doing a little bit of reading and just trying to highlight a few points to myself as follows


Stick to my starting hands and positions that they can be played in.

Stick to my pre-flop betting strategy.

Avoid betting on the flop with other than top pair or better OR overcards or a straight or flush draw.

Avoid Suited Aces unless the second card is 8 at least.

Be careful going to the River with only a pair of Aces.

Added 17/9 after going out with a hand of AKo

In league matches if someone goes all in and there is a chance they can beat you you must fold or run the risk of going out. Every point you earn is valuable so you need to stay in as long as possible.

I will now wait for the results to come in ....

17/9/ Results now in, 


My overriding priority is to finish as high as possible in the league by the end of September. I am not concerned with changing the LEVEL that I am rewarded under this month or the League. Slowly does it..