Hi there Poker players,

Do you get excited when you finaly see AA or AK in your hand just to have it smashed by some donkey with J8 or some hand like that, well I am thats for sure and I belive I know how thay can

I'll be trying to save not just mine but as many bad beats as I see at the tables I play at, If I cant get the hand replayer added to this blog I will let you know where the Bad Beat Factory hand replayer can be found.

Over the years I have racked up alot of hands, no where near as many as alot of other people on hear but it would have to be atleast 1,000,000 hands and there is a very common out come to the hands just by how they are played, yes thats right I belive the way a hand is played has an effect on the out wether you hold 7-3 or A-A and from what i have seen I would not be 1 bit suprised if 7-3 won.

The biggest factor I have noticed is when you get your stack into the middle of the table,                   when there is an All-in preflop the WORST starting hand has won about 75-80% of the time, so I say think twice about calling some donkeys stupid shove preflop even If you do have the A-A and yes I know It sounds completley dumb to even think of folding A-A but just remember If you do call yo will have a 75% chance it will be beaten, and the chance's are that If you do fold A-A preflop to a shove an A will be on the board and you will kick yourself but you have to remember Its a computer program so that the hands will be different depending whats done, like you play A-A no other A hits the board but if you fold it the A probly will hit, where at live poker the cards are there never to change what order they are in after they are shuffled, now PS and Fulltilt can tell me and you that the cards are completley random but the fact is that they are not and can never be when they are computer generated, after you have read this (this is #1 of many outcome theories I will do 1 by 1 over the weeks)just watch the tables every time there is an all-in preflop and remember the WORST starting hand AK is the worst next to JJ because JJ is a made hand but im talking 10-7 to beat QQ KK AA AQ and I will start putting my hand replayer together, thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.