I get up about 6:30am on the 9th and do the SSS and get the continental breakfast and head out to the Borgata. I get to the casino and buy-in to the event with my sponsorship money. I have some nervous energy so I go sit in the NLHE 1/2 games and play until 10:30am. I cash out a $15.00 lost. Shucks I killed my perfect winning record at the Borgata. I get to the tournament area and take my seat-6, T-30 about 10 minutes b4 the tournament starts. The last of my tablemates show up as we are dealing the first hand. I'm UTG+1 and fold my first trash hand. There are 5 limpers to see the flop. Looks like a passive beginning. It's checked around and the CO makes a 1/2 pot bet and takes it down. I decide to play the second hand when I find [AsKs] and make it 3*bb to go. I surely don't want 5 callers limping in. I get two callers from late position. pot=525. Flop [K,J,4] and I first to act and make a slightly larger than 1/2 PSB (300) to see if any one is interested. One fold and one call. pot=1125. Another broadway card comes off Turn [K,J,4][T]. I maintain control and bet 600 heads up and the villan calls. Pot = 2325. An [8] falls on the river and I decide to check an evaluate the villans actions b/c the board is a little complicated. I don't think he'll call unless I'm beat, but he might bet something if he missed a draw. He makes a weak bet 1000 and I'm getting over 3:1 to make the call. I call and he says 'your [K] wins.' I show my [AK] and he folds while saying he flopped a pair and turned a str8 draw and missed. WOW, first hand and I'm already above 10K stack (CL at the table). I don't catch a hand for several rounds. One hand comes up BvB and the sb limps and I check [7s3s] the flop comes down middle rags and the sb checks to me and I check behind. Another blank comes on the turn and the sb bets minimum and I fold. For effect he shows his [AA]. He says he's surprised I didn't take a stab at the pot b/c of my aggression when I had the [AK]. I told him I didn't want to spew chip this early. About two rounds later he gives me a walk-over because he knows I will not give action without a legit hand. He shows a [4,2] and I show [5,3] and we have a chuckle at how close we were. Just b4 the first break a middle position player that's been quite active and spewing chips, opens for 3.5*bb and I look down and find [99] in the bb and decide this is good enough to call a spewy player. Well, it must be my lucky table. The flop comes down [3h,9h,3x]. I flop the joint and just check to the raiser. He's got about 4300 to 4500 behind and I'm trying to see if he wants to attempt to maintain control of the action. This flop looks good for an over pair and it's not to threatening to [AK] or [AQ] if I missed. He slightly over bets the pot to 1200. I think for a bit to dramatize the situation and just call. The pot is nearly equal to his stack. A [J] falls on the turn and puts two to a str8 and two to a flush. I check to give him rope to hang himself and he obliges by pushing in. I insta-call. We turn over and he shows [AK]o and he's drawing dead to the FH. I go to the break with nearly double my starting stack. I've played tight and it's paid off. They are breaking tables rather quickly. It looks like we'll be breaking soon. Close to the end of round 3, I've chipped up to about 19K just as we break the table. I get a fortunate table and move to number-1. I should not have to move the remainder of the event. There are several stacks close to mine and a couple have me covered. Nick Frangolas is three to my left and has the tall stack. He's the only player I recognize. Over the next several rounds, I chip up to about 24K and everything is working in my favor. I get away from the losers and pick up some decent pots with out any damage. The hand b4 the dinner break a lady UTG (with a rather short stack 8K) make a raise about the size of the pot from middle position. She's done this about once a round to maintain here stack. I suspect she's stealing early position. I look down and find [AdKd]. If I make a 3X raise it will put her all-in. The players between us don't look interested in competing for the pot and I'll still be fairly healthy if she calls and I'm beat. I make the raise and it's folded to her. She let's out a disgusted sigh and decides to think about her hand/situation. She says she was stealing. She finally decides to call and turns over [7h,9h]. She says she needed chips and decided the dinner break would go better if she was done or sitting on some chips. She didn't want to comeback to fight the short stack struggle. I got the match-up I wanted, but she caught a [7] and I only picked up a flush draw that didn't complete. Off to dinner. I get back to the game and go rather card dead for most of the evening. I manage to stay at about 15bb to 20bb most of the time. I get up to 60K twice and get all in against a short stack and get out flopped both times. When I'm short I play patient poker. I pick up [QQ] on the button once after Nicky raises to 2100 UTG. He's doing this frequently and cBetting the flops and growing his stack. When it gets to me, I 3Bet to 6000. He sits there for several minutes. I guess he decides I've been playing TIGHT. He stares at me and folds. He wants me to know he's not going to do this often. If I remember correctly, I'm the first player to 3Bet one of his raises. The next round I'm basically on a push fold situation and were down to 200 players. Good news is I pick up just enough hands to have 10bb until we get into the money. 45 out of 471 make it to ITM. When we get to 46, the chip leader comes around and ask everyone to put-up $10 for the bubble player. 44 players comply (me also). This will allow play to continue at an even pace. Now we all get something. I continue playing push fold until it's raised from middle position by a player with 120K makes it 20k to go (about a PSB). A few hands ago, I won an all in situation and got to 56K. I have a perfect 3Bet stack and find [AhKh]. I think for a bit and decide this will (a) give me chips to compete for the finals or (b) I can get some sleep. I push all in. Good news is the villan doesn't insta call. He thinks about it a few minutes. Counts his stack and sees he'll still have 60k or so if he loses. He thinks some more and finally puts out the call chips. More good news. He puts his chips in bad [QsJs]. I got the match-up I wanted (Where have I heard this statement b4. Humm, AlSpath- I think). I'm about 60:40 favorite and need to dodge spades and [QJ]. He turns a [Q] and I don't improve. I finish 29th 12:15am. I collect $989.00. I sit on the sidelines for a few minutes and reflect on my play. I made no big mistakes. Every time, I get my money in playing short stack I'm the favorite. Playing shorty from 200 down to 29th is quite an accomplishment. Not the results I wanted, but it's the second live tournament I've played since Las Vegas.