Watched the video last evening. There are many points made on playing position and stack sizes that should help players looking to improve their S&G and tournament play. (a) Tight early & wait on good situations. (b) Play good positional poker. (c) Take some small risk with excellent pot odds, but release if you get raised. (d) When you get short, don't try and be fancy with small raises. Put your chips in to pick up blinds/narrow the field. (e) Play to win. Some times you do when you make the correct play. Don't get down on yourself if they get lucky. Poker happens. /s/Marion I like all the major points you discuss. It's been along time coming but I'm happy to see some video game play added to the menu of training material. It just keeps getting better. 09/03/08 4:00am, I got up to take my medicine and fix breakfast. I decided to use Al's advice and played a NLHE-T $6.50 while I was eating breakfast. I only had 2 hands playable in the first 10 levels (both in the big blinds and got several walk-overs in bb to maintain my chip stack). I was in push-fold level with only 1400 in chips when I picked up [JJ] and called all in 3-way action and spiked a set. We were still 6 handed with 300/600 bliinds. We were at 400/800 when we hit the bubble and it burst. We were at 500/1000 when we hit H2H play and I was 3:1 chip dog. Good news: I won it on that level of blinds because no hand was foldable with each having less than 7 big blind stacks. I'm a witness. These videos teach the way to play.