Hi, guys. ya'll gonna get tired of me using up all the blog space since I post some much content here I wish to thank all the players that qualified for the Loyalty Points play-off today. Also a big thank you to Mark, Tina, Al, Tim, and the whole list of others that have worked on the new program for PSO and all the players in the tournament. Especially, to those players that made it to the Final Table: The_Counselor jabronytg DerryIrish << Yes, he made another FT and played very tough. Daargaanwe<< I watch her play in the Sponsorship Points tournament yesterday to scout things out. She's a tough cookie. danrt Big.Ben << We battled in the past, but it's been a while. ManOfSteele<< I've watched him a few times, but never played against him much. Skratt<< She's a toughy but she didn't have much amunition to fight with. These guys played some of the toughest NLHE tournament players I have met at PSO or anywhere. I also want to complement them on their demeanor and sportsmanship. They all conducted themselves as professionals. Makes me proud to be a member here. Also, I can't forget the "Railbird." They were encouraging to their player friends and showed respect for the game and the players while the game was being played. I might even be encouraged to buy a few drinks, since PSO is giving me a few dollars to spend.