I played a satellite on Sunday the 18th. 700 and some odd entrants and I was holding my own, keeping my head above the waterline for the first 2 hours. Was actually in the top ten when I was dealt KJ of hearts in late position. Yes. I know. Not a really great hand but when it came around to me no one had called the blinds.

I raised and was called by the button. The flop came with two small hearts. I bet pot and again was immediately called. The third heart on the turn saw me all-in. Yes, the button called and yes he had the nut flush, leaving me in 21st place with 21 remaining entrants. Last place, 197 chips, blinds 600 / 1200 and antes somewhere around 120.  

I could have thrown in the towel. I'd seen it done a thousand times. Done it myself on too many occasions. Tilt, anger, disgust or what have you, when it happens the urge to move on, find another tournament, kick some puppies or clean the garage is an almost autonomous response. Well, I am only here to remind you that resistance is not always futile.  

Yes, you may have intuited by now that I won the next hand. The antes and blinds gave me a stack of 3,000 chips and kept me in the game. The leader had around 160,000 chips so everything wasn't exactly rosy, but for some reason this time I was not about to let two hours of hard work (yes, work) evaporate without a struggle. 

I was selective. I was lucky, but remained in last place for about half an hour. I finished the tournament in third place after 4 plus hours, winning a seat to an October tournament that does not conflict with my schedule. Imagine, if you will, that I final table this future tourney, perhaps even win it outright. All because I did not treat this tourney as just another freeroll and give in to the fates by going all-in on every hand.

197 chips.

TY PokerSchool. 


and no, I have never kicked a puppy