BATTLE RAP AND POKER has taken over my life looking through my twitter my facebook my search history its either related to poker or battle rap right now im at a point where i cant get enough of either i would play all day everyday like everyone else if i could but the bankroll unfortuanetly isnt no where near what i wish or think it should be so this is my plan SATELLITE into THE MICRO-MILLIONS AND RUN DEEP HOPEFULLY GET A FINAL TABLE AND GET ENOUGH DOLLARS that i can go to a live battle rap event hotel stay and drinks for myself hahah in LONDON  ive been wanting to go to a DONT FLOP BATTLE EVENT  for over a year now so with them coming to my city (glasgow) in april getting a win at a micro millions event will certainly fund going to london later in the year and will time nicely for going to see it in glasgow for the first time next month . Im currently REGGED in two the micromillions event 2 $1 rebuy NLHE and event 3 the $3.30 buy in NLHE i satellited into both for just over a dollar ,this is going to be my plan to SATELLITE into as many events as possible for as cheap as possible thus increasing my chances wish me luck oh and DFAFD                                                                                                                                                               Recently it has ben announced that alex fitzgerald will battle thesauraus at this years wsop MAIN EVENT SOMETHING FOR  WHICH I CANT WAIT #POKERBARS  it will be interesting to see a battle rapper who is a champion battler and from what i gather a decent respected poker player  against a champion poker player who has little battle experience so it will be really fun to see how it plays out  Another thing i want to mention is that my favourite battler SOUL is a former poker pro who used to play high stakes heads up on POKERSTARS  and is now a poker dealer whilst RIPPING UP THE BATTLE SCENE ON DONT FLOP ENTERTAINMENT youtube them and subscribe HE IS DESERVING OF A TITLE SHOT IN MY EYES is battles are superb so hopefully after micro millions i will be on my way to LONDON  A WINNER WITH A MICRO MILLIONS EVENT UNDER MY BELT .......            PLEASE COMMENT ASK A QUESTION OR POST ANY POKER PLAYERS THAT ARE ALSO INTO RAPPING THANK YOU DFAFD