hi there PSO members did you's all claim your GUINNESS WORLD RECORD TOURNAMENT TICKET...                                                                                                                                                                   I got mine and can't wait for it hoping to get me a world record lol ,seriously how cool would it be to win a guiness world record and 25k (bragging rights) for rest of your life haah.                         I have been playing the pokerschool openskill league and trying to play for the trickiness n shooter factor leaderboards but also play for the points n money and overall win been mixed results so far been up n down will get there though if i keep doing my best n playing my A  game                                                                                                                                                                               Also i cashed the PSO SHARE N WIN FREEROLL for a dollar odds which was cool FREE MONEY is THE BEST $£$£$ .... I LOST VITAL FLIPS AFTER GETTING IN WAY AHEAD TWICE AND THAT WAS THAT . (RAN GOOD BUT NEVER RAN LIKE GOD) ..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Over the last week i have played various mtts and sit n go's having limited sucess pretty unlucky with all-ins getting in ahead and geting drawn out on SUCKS but it happens.Had a few deep runs and 2 final tables ,4 min cashes, 2 double buy ins back , and a few dollars for winning a sit n go all low stakes micro , feel like overall my game has improved i'm getting better at handling difficult spots being a lot more disciplined and less haphazard at going on tilt after a sick cooler, feel like im reading opponents and calling there ranges more precisely and gaining from this , also noticing the mistakes i used to make from other players and benefiting quite nicely from this aswell, by no means do i now think im the next NEGREANU i still make mistakes but less basic n fundamental ones than i was before ,i've still got holes in my game and needing to plug the leaks in my game but dnt we all.  ONLINE i been doing ok still searching for that first big SCORE i'm sure it will come but in the meantime i wouldn't say no to a nice little BINK of 50$ to fund my mtt grind to continue on the saga of chasing down the elusive BIG WIN on POKERSTARS..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     FRIDAY HOME GAME  hadn't played for 3weeks or so and was looking forward to playing when told i would have to be the 11th man and wait for a player to be eliminated i wasn't to chuffed but by time i got in the blind sizes were still pretty decent and i was able to quickly run up my 20k starting stack to over 48k and the chip leader was doing a lot of the work for me knocking out other big stacks which left 4 average stacks n me at jst over average having entered late and the chipleader with well over 120k i busted another player and so did the chipleader leaving us on the BUBBLE with 4 players left  a few hands later and with the chipleader bullying and the blinds getting higher we soon had a 3way all-in pot which the original chipleader won leaving it me and the chipleader to play HEADS UP being a 6-1 chipstack lead my opponent was a bit call happy in which case i was soon able to pull back to about 3-1 chipstack and at this point a deal was offerred which i accepted being that i was behind its head up anything can happen n will happen it was getting late 4.00am ish and plus i liked the other guy so was pretty happy to accept 40 pounds each and play for a tenner one hand which i won with a 5 high haha . so first game back i'm technically champion and looking forward to next FRIDAYS game .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 THURSDAY LEAGUE GAME  keeps getting worse keep getting bad beats stinking rivers outing me like hell.. bad players drinking and playing any hand doesn't mix too well with my game so dnt really get too down about the league games but surely drunken luck can only carry so far here's to next week hopefully i'm writing in a happier state having won a game or being merrily drunk myself hahah... p.s note to self never slow play aces at a table full of calling stations ..                                                                                                                                                                                         I WOULD JUST LIKE TO ADD THAT I'M NEW TO BLOGGIN SO ANY THOUGHTS OR QUESTIONS PLZ FEEL FREE TO COMMENT N ASK AWAY AND THANKS VERY MUCH 4 READING GL AT THE TABLES POKER FRIENDS