FIRST TIME I PLAYED WAS AT A PUB RUN REDTOOTH LEAGUE GAME I WON AND STRAIGHT AWAY I WAS HOOKED. I PLAYED AGAIN THE FOLLOWING WEEK AND AGAIN WON EASILY , I THOUGHT IT WAS ALWAYS THIS EASY I QUICKLY FOUND OUT IT WASN'T IT WAS DOWN TO BAD PLAYERS, WINNING CRAZY FLIPS, POCKET ACES HOLDING UP, RUNNING GOOD AND BEING LUCKY .                                                                                                                                                   AT THE START I THOUGHT GET AA SHOVE ALL IN I CAN'T LOSE BUT AFTER THE BEGINNER'S LUCK DESERTED ME, I KNEW I HAD TO START LEARNING MORE THAN WHAT I WAS ALREADY DOING BY THIS POINT I'D ALREADY  STARTED TO WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF BIGGEST POTS ,BAD BEATS ,UNLUCKIEST SUCK OUTS ,DUMBEST BLUFFS ,PHIL HELLMUTH BLOW UPS , POKER ON CHANNEL 4 , WATCHING OLD RE RUNS OF THE WSOP,EPT FINAL TABLES.(ROUNDERS teddy KGB lol and dont forget mel gibsons MAVERICK)...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I STARTED READING SKALANSKYS THEORY WITH A FRIEND AND TALKED IT OVER FOR HOURS , this is were i gained most value in talking hands through what we shoulld have done ,why we done it ,how could we have got away from it or how could we have gotten more etc.. talkinkg ranges ,peoples tells, putting someone on a hand , watching and studying other players and sharing info with each other helped improve my game a lot . also its the times i took bad beats or played terrible that i went away and thought about it for hours non stop punishing myself that i learnt the most from it makin sure i wouldnt repeat past mistakes or be so tilted again.                                                                                                                                                                                        I THEN STARTED TO READ EVERY POKER ARTICLE I COULD FIND AND WATCH AS MANY ONLINE TRAINING VIDEOS AS I COULD THE BEST FOR ME  BUT EVERY ONE WILL HAVE THEIR OWN PREFERENCE WERE JAY SOMERVILLE , ALEX FITZGERALD(assassinato), PHIL GALFOND, I ALSO SIGNED UP WITH POCKETFIVES AND READ AS MUCH ARTICLES FROM FROM BLUFF MAGAZINE ,POKERNEWS ,BANKROLL MOB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     the same time as this i had started to play online after playin a few times live at my local pub run league i mostly started off playin sit n gos or small 1 dollar buy ins on full tilt ,888, and pokerstars i quickly bust all 3 bankrolls so was left to grind freerolls i soon gave up on full tilt and 888 and stuck to playing on STARS playing the hubble playing the omahas the 72 draws ,razz ,h.o.r.s.e and stud and winning tickets to the weekly round 2 or playing the open poker skill league or bankroll mobs freeroll or ept live freerolls getting deeper and deeper in each various types of tournaments slowly picking up different plays different ways of handling  certain situations and learning to pick up on mistakes of others learning styles of play and being honest to myself about my own mistakes and changing them adapting to different styles of players while still playing ur own game.                                                                                                                  patience and practice is the only way to get better after a while of temptation getting the better of me i topped up my account and started to play MTTS sit n gos Heads Up all NLHE and got the odd low win to pretty much even out then i entered a higher buy in mtt and ran really deep and run good until just not long aafter the bubble with a considrable chip lead i got it in bad and lost half my stack and went on tilt not having the experiance to stop myself i blew my chips away hand after hand and busted for a cash of around 20_30 dollars instead of up tops 2k or more after this i played pretty stupidly for weeks getting the odd win here and there and then blowing it all away again i must have  blew through at least 400 plus dollars last year alone for an amateur player thats an expensive hobby so i thought get back to what i know play the league games in the pub, play in my friends homegame on a friday and take a more sensible approach to it .                                                                                                                                                                                       IN THE FRIDAY HOMEGAMES I WOULD OFTEN MORE TIMES THAN NOT BE TOP 3 IF NOT THE WINNER OUT OF THE 10 OF US WITH IT BEIN A TEN POUND BUY IN I ENJOYED A GOOD RUN AT THE HOMEGAMES AND THE PUBLEAGE AND WON MORE THAN 7 TIMES AT THE PUB AND AT LEAST 20+ IN THE HOMEGAME OUT OF 45 GAMES PLAYED OVER THE LAST YEAR . ME AND A FRIEND BOTH MADE IT TO THE REGIONALS OF THE PUB LEAGUE AND CAME WITHIN SPITTING DISTANCE OF WINNING A TRIP TO VEGAS AND THE TROPHY I WOULD SAY RYT NOW WHAT IVE WON PLAYING LIVE TOURNAMENTS OR CASHGAMES EVENS OUT WHAT IVE LOST OVER THE LAST YEAR OR SO ONLINE SO THATS ONE PART IM LOOKING TO CHANGE AND START MAKING PROFIT SO....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ........Online i will be playing the sats to the EPTS n UKIPT and the odd occasional mtt no more craziness playing HU  til im tired and no $$$ left  or playing rebuy tournaments or high buy ins it will be $4 max buy in for me until i bink a nice result and get myself a nice bankroll its time i start to take poker more seriously if i dont want to work im going to have to work on my poker and start to learn properly get some lessons read up on the game starting from the basics upwards build a solid foundation from to begin with and hopefully the rest takes care of itself so thats what im doing i wil still play and have fun but overall its about learning now and finding edges and getting the win SO HERE GOES I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED