I have been feeling like my poker play is not good enough. So I decided to take a critical look at the scores and was not feeling so bad but I wish Pokerstars can address this issue - Quality or Quantity;

Position     No. of Tourneys played    In the money finishes     Minus scores

      1st                           37                                     0                                      6

     2nd                           29                                    1                                       2

    149th                        15                                    3                                       5  (me)

How do I measure up to people who play so often. I was thinking of separating the league in ranges or raising the minimum number of games to 30 so that people who can only play one PSO per day are not at a disadvantage.

Pokerstars shouls really look into this.

What do you think...start a petition..ask all your friends to comment on this guys