Wow! It is really tough to move up in the PSO. Some people play all the daily tourneys. Oh well, I will give it my all and hope for the best. It is my intention to get to the premier league, staying there is for another show.

Is there a way to get a summary of your pso performance over time? I am really happy with the improvement in my game. The sad thing is no matter how well you play the element of luck is just hard to come to grips with;

I am on small blind with AKo and a big stack bets twice the blind; I smile because I know he is trying to steal the blinds. He has been playing very aggressive and usually bets 4 x the blinds or shoves with a strong hand. So I send a message to him by shoving - he thinks for what felt like forever then he calls and I see K9 off.  

Well I have a phrase now called 'big stack sick joke' - Big stacks call with any rubbish hole cards just because they can afford it and get lucky. They double up people who are on their way out of a tourney making life hard sometimes or bust out people who have been  playing tight and finally get a good hand after waiting patiently.  The latter is usually me.

Anyway, I get knocked out with my AKo.  I just wish big stacks would play more sinsibly.  Some of them shove on every hand making life hell if you do not want to risk your tourney, leaving you easy prey for the blinds and antes .

How do you guys handle big stacks and table bulleys?