Yesterday i was playing a sit and go with all my mates,it was only £10 buy in but doesnt make my story any less painful to tell.out of 9 of us 3 remained and the first move was with my mate george, he mucked his cards straight away.then it was just me and my mate jack. i was holding 9 and 8 suited so i raised to £1 and he called. the perfect flop came out for me 2,9,8, beautiful cards so i pushed all in. jack pushed all in aswell, which made me think that i had over looked something. as i showed my hand and reveled my 8,9 hearts he showed 8,10 the turn was a k and river an ace. That was him gone and just left me and George. cards shuffled and dealt i looked down at cowboys k,k , so i bet £2 and he called. the flop came out 3,9,5, so with my overcards i bet again to £3 and he called. (he is new to the game and therefore a calling station.) the turn came down k  i was releaved and pushed all in, to my satisfaction so did he, the river came down j and we turned over our cards. so happy with my hand i went to grab the £90 winnings but then he stopped me. he told me to look at the cards again, and because i was deeply inlove with my 3 of a kind i didnt realist that he had completed a flush !!!!!!. i was devastated that i missed it. so he picked up his winnings and all i could mumble was a nice hand.

well that is my story id love to hear about your bad beats, fantastic wins and the occasional luck.
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thank you for reading.