I was at the casino the other night and the was this player that played every single had that was delt. I dont get it, the player won 95% of the time, how can someone play so loose yet win every single had that many times with cards like 2,5o and J,3o it drives me nuts the way people are playing cards now, What set me off about this whole thing was i had a QJs and the flop was 2QJ and i had top pair so i raise the loose player that bet then the turn came up and it was a 7 , I bet and she raised so thought about it and i raised the player then called her raise, the river was a 2  after all the beting and the cards where shown guess what she had,  2, 5 off suit, i was pist, who the heck chases all the way to the river in hopes to get a 2 when 7 other people folded what is that like a 4% chance of getting a 2. My main question is did i play the game right and by the way it was a 2,4 limit game  Thanks Ryan