Why is it so much fun for people to chase flushes?  I can understand when you are chasing 1 more over the turn and river.  But this has been fairly constant that people are chasing runner runner for a flush.  I've tried better higher, better lower, pushing all in.  It doesn't seem to matter. 

Now, every time it happens, I'm marking those players as donks with a nice baby-blue coloration.  Over the last 2 months, I have marked 35 blue donks so far.  I check on there stats once in a while.  Rarely does anyone have a "score" on a specific ranking site over 45.

Back to the topic...chasing runner runner for a flush.  Statistically it's less than 10%, so a player would need around 10 to 1 pot odds to call.  It always seems to happen when I hit top 2 pair.  It doesn't matter what I bet, there almost always seems to be someone chasing the runner runner.  So, I bet the pot, or 150% of the pot to chase away the chasers.  Get a caller and, there it is one of the suits double up.  Pot bet again or go all on based on how much I have left.  Called again, and of course, there is the that suit again.  His J4d hits a runner runner flush.

Is there any other way to play top two pair of a rainbow flop?