It was a great Monday. positive points in the 3 games I entered. Moved up into the $15 payout level. Then comes Tuesday. Playing only premium hands and the blinds when not raised aggressively. Right Before the first break, with about 1800 in the sb. The button raises to 600, I push all in with AA. bb folds and the button quickly calls. He shows Q-10 hearts. How did I guess that he raised with crap, then called a re-raise with crap. He called at 1200 re-raise from a tight player when it would have left him with under 500 if he lost. So obviously this guy doesn't know what pot odds means, or he doesn't understand how weak a Q 10 suited really is. Anyway, of course the flop comes Q 6 10 rainbow. From 80% to win, to 70% to lose. Turn and river was no help. I'm out and will lose 7-8 skill points. The worst part is that they guy thought it was the "proper" play. That is what he said after I commented on the suckout. Oh well, in the long run, plays like that will cost him plenty, just want to be there to capitalized.