what a bad day. First my AK (top pair after flop) gets called down with me putting in pot sized raises to the river when the opponent catches a flush. Late tourney...2nd hand, I limp with K9 to a flop of KKJ. Bet, the pot with 1 caller. turn a 9 for a Full house. pot sized bet and call. River Q. he pushs all in (I probably could have folded, but how can you fold a full house with a str8 draw catching the river?) Of course I call and he shows KJ. Down to 20 chips. Split the next pot with AQ, then lose with Q9. After playing so well lately, I run into crap luck. I need to do better tomorrow because I won't be able to hit the last few days of the month. Need to solidify a decent place for a little $$ at least.