I'm going to suggest to PokerStars that they modify the format for the monthly league. Let me know what you think and lets do it to it!..........My proposal is that at the end of each week for the first 3 weeks of the month that the bottom 20-25% of a players be eliminated for the remainder of the month in entering PSO "skill" league tournies. My reasoning for this is...it will force newcomers to play with more passion to play well and eliminate the donks that could care less about learning or improving. There are still plenty of ways that a newcomer can play and learn without jeopardizing the play of those that are in contention for a month end payout for quality play.

In addition, as the month progresses, think about how much better the competition will be with better players dualing it out for the top spot. I don't need to explain how frustrating it is to play sound poker only to be donked out by unreal pushes and unbelievably bad play. Poker is poker and luck is luck...but when you have players that are just playing for the fun of it without trying to put any real effort into playing sound poker and relying on pure luck....do I need to go on?

I'm not saying my suggestion is the right one ...but something has to be done...maybe something similar...anything would be better than it is now.

Lets unite and make it right! ...........put your 2 cents in and make a differnce