In my past tournament I started out strong..... Had my chip count up to 4k early.
I noticed that the guy sitting to my left had -knack for going all in.
Cards would range from J9 to A9. I look down and have pocket Q's.
I raise 5x's the big blind and make it 150 to go. He then reraised all in (2500 to go)
I call and he had a stellar pocket K's. Needless to say, I lost half my Stack.

The tourney then goes on a break.

When the break is over the first hand I get is pocket J's.
I once again raise to 150, and a guy (no previous reads) reraises to 1000. I call and flop comes 379.
I checked, hoping for him to make a bluff (thinking he had AK, AQ, etc) He pushes, and I call.
He shows the Pocket K's.
I got my 4k stack dwindled down to nothing in two hands.
QQ v. KK
JJ v. KK
I only but wonder if I could have played them a little better.